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Caring for your weaves
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Weave Hair :Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Own Hair

Don’t get me wrong, I love weaves, but good hair care is even better. Women take pride in their looks and strive to keep themselves in good condition. This calls to a weekly mani/pedi, a Brazilian (particularly for love), or a hot new haircut courtesy of the wonders of extensions. We ladies will pay hundreds of dollars for an installation that we hope will last 2-3 months. Still, most of us will fail to properly care for the let alone…

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Long hair care tips
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Long Hair Care Tips for Valentine’s Day Week

Best hair care tips for valentine’s week Valentine’s day is almost here, and if you want to have long, beautiful hair for the most romantic and lovely day of the year, it’s time you start preparing your hair. Long hair is more prone to tangles, dryness, and damage. Maintaining your long hair and keeping them healthy and shiny is difficult- but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the long hair care tips for valentine’s day week Best hair care…

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Most Trending Haircut for Short Wavy Hair Ideas

Style and cut Short wavy hair into any way you want without worrying about volume issues. Look amazing with these incredibly captivating trendy hairdos. Add an air of sophistication and Say goodbye to your hair blues. Embrace wavy short hairstyles and be satisfied. Short weave hair ideas will definitely provide you with variations of style that you can enjoy in a wide range. The perks of a short hairstyle are that it compliments your face structure and makes hair easy…

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10 protective Hair style
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Top 10 Protective Styles to Slay Your Vacation Plus 5 Tips on How To Maintain Them

The last thing you would want to do on your vacation is work (and worry) on your hair Extensions. While you are excited of the warm weather, beach days, pool parties, and wild nights, you equally dread what might happen to your hair from all that fun in the sun and water. And vacations are not meant to be bittersweet! That is why protective styles are here to save you from ruining your own vacation. Protective styles are not only…

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