Kundli Analysis Can Open The Doors to Attract Wealth

Are you craving to get a financially independent live? There is nothing new in this. From a beggar to even the richest man in world everyone is directly or indirectly hustling to make more and more money. In the accumulation of wealth people do endless efforts, work extremely hard or incessantly yet everyone doesn’t acquire […]

Benefits of Consulting Astrologers at Astrology Portal

What should I do after suffering loss in business? Why my married life not running smoothly? Whom to consult to detoxify Vastu dosh from home? Why my hard work is not paying me desired results? There is a point in life where one of such difficulties emerges in life. Different people will give different answers […]

Astrological Significance of Alms on Makar Sankranti

According to Hindu Astrology, Makar Sankranti marks the day when Surya enters into Makar Raashi (Capricorn)…. Sun and Saturn are enemies and makes most terrific planetary combinations. Thus, to reduce the inauspicious effects of enemies amalgamation some items are donated.

Is Face Reading Accurate ?

Face Reading is a practice of assessing a person’s character, personality traits and destiny form facial expressions and lines…… Colors of eyes not only represent your beauty. They have a lot to say about personality.