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Steps To Begin A Home-Based Photo Studio

Introduction If you are passionate towards snapping pictures, why not drive that passion into a career choice? Being incredible at photography is one thing; managing a photography business is an altogether different thing. The latter requires concrete planning, strategies and optimum research. Many photographers dream of opening their studio. While that is a bid goal to focus on, you can convert a spare room in your house into a photo studio, and start photography as a career. Where do you…

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Best Family Photoshoot Ideas

Life is a journey of memories. Memories are almost always centred around families and loved ones. A family portrait is a great way to immortalize a memory and capture your favourite people in one frame. It is not just about having a family portrait done but also about the bond. In today’s busy world, it is not always that all the members of the family get together. And when they do, the moment deserves to be frozen in time. These moments cannot be recovered…

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