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product recommendation engine
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AI Powered Product recommendation engine

Personalized product recommendation engine’s product recommendation engine tracks website shoppers’ behaviour based on their user behaviour. We tracked their historical and live data and based on that we provide product recommendations to them. Every shopper should delight in getting an individualized shopper experience. personalized recommendations that convert 120% better. Drive growth with personalized product recommendations. Make every customer feel special with 1:1 curated & personalized recommendations that convert 120% better.A personalized experience at every touchpoint. Delight every shopper with…

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personalization engine
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AI Powered Personalization Engine –

Today’s consumer values a positive user experience as much as (if not more than) the cost of the products they’re purchasing. Naturally, they’ve come to expect personalized eCommerce experiences that place them, the customer, at the centre. These personalized experiences may well be a make or break factor. Personalization not only benefits the consumer through a more unique and relevent customer experience, but it also benefits companies by getting in front of the right customers, in the right places, at the right times,…

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Shopping Cart Abandonment – Ultimate Guide

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment? Shopping cart abandonment is when a high-intent shopper visits an eCommerce website, adds at least one or more products to the shopping cart, and proceeds to exit the website without completing the purchase. Products that are added to the shopping cart but are not purchased are considered to be “abandoned” by the shopper. Shopping cart abandonment has absolutely nothing to do with the visibility of the website or the offers run in the advertisements. So this…

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Retail Personalization
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Retail Personalization – – Mad Street Den

It’s 2021 and the word “personalization” has been thrown around for 5 years with businesses across segments implementing it to varying degrees of effectiveness. Retail has had a complicated relationship with personalization. Some retailers have been early movers with companies like Amazon and Stitch Fix making retail personalization a part of almost every part of the shopper journey. However, many retailers have been slow to adapt, offering bad experiences to shoppers on their websites. Even those who have implemented personalization in retail…

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