The strategy of chemical industry to cope with the challenge of sustainable development

The important role of chemical industry The role of the chemical industry in the production of all goods and the provision of services is undoubtedly crucial. Chemicals are essential ingredients in many industries, from health, sanitation, construction and transportation to agriculture and energy supply. This makes the industry one of the largest in the world. […]

A list of ESG factors affecting the chemical suppliers industry

Like many business sectors, chemical suppliers are also facing pressure from investors and consumers to improve environmental, social and Governance (ESG) practices throughout the value chain. In particular, chemical suppliers should be responsible for purchasing raw materials and improving the recyclability of downstream products. As a result of this rigorous review, chemical suppliers are taking […]

Considerations for choosing a custom chemical manufacturer

When your company needs chemicals, the best option is almost always to outsource to manufacturers specializing in chemicals. If you can avoid putting your own labs together that meet all compliance requirements, it will save you time and money. So the biggest problem is not whether you should outsource, but how to choose a customized […]

What does digitization mean for chemical companies?

Digital technology allows chemical companies to release more than $200 billion in new value by reducing service costs, increasing pricing, and gaining growth from competitors. In the past decade, the chemical industry has achieved great success, bringing more value to shareholders than its upstream suppliers and downstream customers, or even the entire global stock market […]