New Workspace Designs Post COVID

COVID has overall affected the way of life and mostly it is impacting the work-life. The giants like Twitter, Facebook and other tech companies have shifted their way of work from the office to home or remote. Now, does that mean the traditional office workspace is coming to an end? Well, the answer is NO. […]

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Cassandra Clare made an excellent point by asking, “as long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” Well, my dear, it could go from bad to worst in a matter of seconds if you have the wrong kind of coffee cup in your hand. If a cup of coffee can […]

7 Peculiar Ways to Upgrade Your Workout Recovery

For some people, resolutions are like the rules, meant to be broken. For some of us getting geared up is what keeps us motivated for the future. When it’s about the new fitness plans, you have to stay focused and try to improve your health through the most common means – diet, exercise, and workout […]

5 Wedding Jewelry do’s and Don’ts every Bride Needs to Remember

There’s an old saying “if the dress makes the wedding possible then it’s the jewelry that makes the dress stand out”.  I totally agree with the sentiment. Wedding day is a compilation of all the good things including the emotional moments. As you all know before the actual wedding day the preparations are on the […]

5 Helpful Ways To Find Your Lost Cat

What are you most scared of? You might be worried if you lose your jewelry or if you get into an accident with your new car or just in case your pet gets lost? In either case you have to be very careful with your belongings.  Being a pet owner the scariest thing of your […]

Memories of My First Umrah Experience with My Family: A Sacred Journey

It seems unbelievable until you reach there and the same happened to me. It was really the biggest purpose of my life and I’m happy that I became successful in achieving this milestone. The most perfect part is that I didn’t get to perform it alone but with my family. When the visa came it […]