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For a long time in India, Women’s physical and emotional well-being was never a concern. This negligence has, in turn, resulted in various health issues in Women. From the menstruation cycle to pregnancy, they go through different disorders and problems affecting their health. A pregnant woman requires more guidance, support & care than usual as […]

What You Need to Know About Hysterectomy

A rather technical term “hysterectomy”, but the meaning is as simple. To put in simple words, hysterectomy is a common surgery to remove uterus. Every year, almost 5,00,000 women undergo hysterectomy – yes, they are being operated to remove their uterus. One of the most common health issues arise here is menopause. However, if any […]

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Women and child health issues have been a particular concern in the healthcare sector. In today’s world, women bear their share of ailments, stress, pain, injuries, and diseases and suffer from some unique conditions that require special care. Various chronic conditions, such as obstetric fistula, pelvic pain, and incontinence resulting from their pre-and post-pregnancies, affect […]