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Tips to choose an International CBSE school in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most beautiful, rich, and prosperous cities in India. The city is home to some of the most ancient temples, masjids, churches, parks, museums, etc., making it one of the most desirable and beautiful cities to live and study in. It is also well known as the IT hub where the majority of IT corporations operate and many startups bloom making it the Silicon Valley of India. Along with this, some of the best international schools…

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Common Skin Problems in Children
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Common Skin Problems in Children and Their Prevention

A considerable number of children face skin disorders daily. And some children grow up dealing with the same skin issues into their adulthood. As children are not cautious of their hygiene, they are more susceptible to skin problems that are rare in adults. Diaper rash is relatively common among infants and toddlers. Similarly, chickenpox and measles are a part of every kid’s childhood. Usually, with age, most skin problems go away, but genetic conditions are lifelong and permanent. With a…

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