10 Tips to Follow When Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider

The whole idea of setting a business is to see it grow in the following years. A growing business also needs the right kind of technology to provide the necessary support. To handle your IT needs, you have to have a good team in place, which can be an expensive affair. Thankfully, some companies provide […]

Why Is VOIP Better For A Distributed Workforce?

Hiring virtual assistance, a team, or individuals from remote locations has become one of the most popular trends today. With the on-going need for better facilities, VoIP services in Miami can come to the rescue. It is a service that helps to improve communications within the business in a protected environment. Let us look at […]

2021 Predictions for Cybersecurity

The growing concerns of cybersecurity are creating a lot of stress and tension amongst companies and individuals. With almost every minor detail being accessible online, we have to take the right kind of measures to ensure sensitive information and data safety and security. Thankfully, measures like cisco security solutions help to tackle such concerns. Experts […]

More than just a phone – Cisco Webex Room Phone

Besides hosting a gigantic six-inch butter smooth touch screen, the Webex Room Phone provides instant access to meetings and contacts, connects easily with any HD display, and much more. Whenever the users tend to walk through the meeting room, they shall receive a reminder to join in the meeting. This type of one-click access feature […]

White Printing Technology with The Xerox® VersaLink C8000W

The VersaLink C8000W incorporates the latest white toner printing technology that lets the machine print white tones. This type of white printing helps add a punch to the images made on any media, starting from color paper, clings, and other substrates. The benefits of Xerox copies in Miami that are created using white toner printing technology: […]

Increase Communication Effectiveness and Company Profile with VOIP Services

The primary purpose of running any business is to generate considerable profits in one way or another. One can follow different ways to achieve this goal, especially by improvising the created workforce’s overall efficiency. The ideal and realistic way to achieve them would be to increase the business place’s productivity levels. The usage of VoIP […]

Digital Signage Trends For 2021

In today’s digital era, digital signage is the most versatile solution for your advertising and sales requirements. It comprises the display, media player, and network to fashion a dynamic and well-organized signage network. It is primeval means to entice clients and patrons to your business. Digital signage is a step into a technology-driven world, using […]

Top Emerging Technology Trends For 2021

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride with constant changes happening to every industry, and especially with respect to technology. The kind of digital transformation that we are all about to experience in the upcoming months will be more than what was produced in the last few decades. With such a dilemma, we […]

Cisco Webex Board – Great collaboration tool and its many benefits

The Cisco Webex Board is a revolutionary way to combine many different things under one roof in a physical meeting. A single device is used to connect to any cloud platform to take forward the workflow. It is a unique wireless presentation screen that can be used as a digital whiteboard and a good video […]